Bullitt’s Defy Satellite Link and Cat S75 Rugged Smartphone: Reliable Communication Solutions for Remote Areas.

Bullitt, a British phone manufacturer under the Motorola brand, has unveiled the Defy Satellite link ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This device enables any Android or iPhone to send and receive text messages via satellite, solving the problem of mobile dead zones during emergencies and wilderness adventures. The Satellite link connects to a normal smartphone via Bluetooth and uses an app to send not only SOS messages but general two-way chat via texts.

The Satellite link is a lightweight, credit card-sized puck that connects to geostationary satellites via a new MediaTek chip to send SMS to regular phones, with replies sent using the cross-platform Bullitt Satellite Messenger app. It is water- and dust-resistant, and can last several days for each charge. A button on the side can also send an SOS alert with location without needing to connect to a smartphone.

The device will be available from April and will cost £99 on its own or £149 when bundled with 30 messages a month and an SOS assistance service from FocusPoint for the first year. Bullitt aims to capture the market of families who want to share the device, bringing down the cost of satellite services and making them more widely available.

Satellite phones have been available since the 1990s, but have been typically expensive to purchase and use. Advancements in radio technologies have allowed some basic satellite functions to be integrated into traditional smartphones. Apple’s iPhone 14 can send SOS messages via satellite, and chipmaker Qualcomm recently announced a similar service that will be available for high-end Android phones in the second half of 2023. However, both options require buying new phones at high cost and cannot be shared within a family.

Bullitt co-founder Dave Floyd said, “The Motorola Defy Satellite link, combined with the Bullitt Satellite Messenger service, brings accessible and affordable satellite messaging to everybody’s current smartphone. This is the definition of democratising satellite communications.”

In addition to the Satellite link, Bullitt also announced the Cat S75 rugged smartphone, which has the same satellite communications system built into it, and is priced at £549. The Android device is the continuation of Bullitt’s long-running rugged phone business aimed at first responders, rural workers and off-grid hobbyists. The Cat S75 is designed to survive 1.8m falls onto steel plates, high pressure water to depths of 5m and extremes of temperature.

The Cat S75 rugged smartphone is a high-end device that is built to withstand tough conditions, making it ideal for those who work in harsh environments. It has been designed to survive falls of up to 1.8m onto steel plates, high pressure water to depths of 5m, and extremes of temperature.

The Cat S75 features the same satellite communications system as the Defy Satellite link, making it a reliable device for those who need to stay connected in remote areas. It also has other features that make it ideal for use in tough environments, such as a durable design and a long-lasting battery life.

Bullitt has been in the rugged phone business for a long time, and the Cat S75 is the latest addition to its line of tough devices. The company has a reputation for producing phones that are built to last, and the Cat S75 is no exception. It is designed to meet the needs of first responders, rural workers, and off-grid hobbyists who need a reliable device that can withstand tough conditions.

In conclusion, Bullitt’s Defy Satellite link and Cat S75 rugged smartphone are both designed to provide reliable satellite communication in remote areas. While satellite phones have been available for some time, they have been expensive and not accessible to everyone. With the Defy Satellite link, Bullitt aims to make satellite communication more affordable and widely available. The Cat S75, on the other hand, is designed for those who need a rugged device that can withstand harsh environments. Both devices are a testament to Bullitt’s commitment to providing reliable communication solutions for those who need it most.

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