List of Header ports on the MSI A320M-PRO motherboard.

Here is a list of the header ports on the MSI A320M-PRO motherboard and their functions:

  1. JUSB1 – USB 2.0 header – provides additional USB 2.0 ports for the system
  2. JBAT1 – CMOS battery header – connects the CMOS battery for maintaining the system’s date, time, and other settings
  3. JFP1 – Front panel header – connects the front panel buttons, LEDs, and audio ports to the motherboard
  4. JLED1 – LED header – provides power to LED lighting strips and allows for control of their illumination
  5. JTPM1 – TPM header – supports TPM (Trusted Platform Module) security devices for encryption and secure boot
  6. JFP2 – Front panel audio header – provides audio connectivity to front panel audio ports
  7. JLPT1 – Parallel port header – provides parallel connectivity for devices such as printers
  8. JCOM1 – Serial port header – provides serial connectivity for devices such as serial printers
  9. JSPI1 – SPI header – supports BIOS chips that use the SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) protocol

Note: The header ports available on the MSI A320M-PRO motherboard may vary based on the specific model and revision of the motherboard. The above list is based on information available up to 2021, and the headers included may change over time as new revisions are released.

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